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Tweakware is a VPN that encrypts your internet connection. It lets you unblock blocked websites and hide your IP address and location. It is very popular in the free browsing community because of its unique features. One of these is the functionality of letting a user create there own config file.

If you don’t know what a config file is, it is a file that lets other users embed particular settings in the app. This makes it possible for any user to share whatever settings they are using without having to worry about all the difficulties that come with sharing these settings by text or voice.

Apart from letting you create your own config file, the developers of this app also take it upon themselves to search for any free internet settings available and directly code it into the app. With this, all the users have to do is to choose their preferred free browsing cheat and then click on connect.

Now anyone, even those who previously knew very little about free internet settings can also enjoy free browsing on their devices.

How To Use Tweakware

There are different ways and reasons you might want to use this app. You might want to use it as a regular VPN to hide your IP address. Or you might want to take it a step further by using it for free browsing on your mobile network.
I will talk about how you can achieve this and also drop the procedure for setting up Tweakware yourself and creating your own config file.
Tweakware Free Browsing For MTN
Follow the below steps to start browsing free with Tweakware.

First, download the Tweakware App here and Launch
Click on the button just under the sever and a list of tweaks will appear
select one depending on your country and Internet Service provided
for example, those in Nigeria using the MTN network can choose “New MTN Ng 0.0kb free”
after selecting a tweak, click on connect and wait for a few seconds.

If successful, you will see a keylike symbol with the word connected in the notification bar. Minimize the app and enjoy browsing for free on MTN.
Tweakware Settings
Even though settings are being hardcoded into the mobile app, sometimes you might want to create your own settings for various reasons.
Sometimes the developer of this app is not really that active when it comes to the latest free browsing settings. So perhaps they might not have included the latest cheat into the app. In this case, what you can do is to set up your own custom settings or ask for a config file from another user,
while there are so many settings for different network providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile I will only cover the settings for MTN since it will be unrealistic to include those of other network providers in this article.

Tweakware Custom settings for MTN

First, download the tweakware Apk here and open it.
Click on Settings at the top right of the Screen
click custom Tweak and set it as follows
Select Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header:
Select Header:
Select Header Line Type: Singleline
Reverse Proxy: Leave it unchecked
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
after inputting the setting above click on save, now go back select a free server. make sure the button under the server says custom before you click connect.

Tweakware Config file

Now to create your own config file, you just have to follow the steps I listed in “the tweakware custom settings” above to set up tweakware. Note that you do not need to use the same settings I used. Yours might be different depending on your internet service provider and location. I only use my previous “custom settings” for illustrations purposes.
So let us assume you created the same settings I used above, all you have to do at this point is to click on settings and select export.

After exporting, a file with the extension .twk will be created on your device storage. This file contains whatever settings you had on the app before exporting the config file. Simply share the file to another user if you want them to use the same settings without having to create their own custom settings.
How To Import a Config file
If you have downloaded a config file from somewhere else, then you might want to know how to import that file into tweakware. Just follow the steps below

Launch Tweakware
Click on the server button and select “import Tweak”
Now click on “settings” on the top right of the screen.
Select “Import Tweak” and select your config file.
Go back to the home screen and click connect.

Using Tweakware As A VPN
You can also use tweakware as an ordinary VPN. Without setting up any tweak. To do this, simply leave the tweak button at “none” and hit connect.
Download Tweakware APK
You can download the latest version of Tweakware from the play store. If you cannot access the play store for some reason, you can also download Tweakware app from the web here.

Tweakware Settings | Config File | APK

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